BriteOven Professional Oven Cleaning in Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, Market Harborough, Coalville, Derby, Ashby De La Zouch
BriteOven Professional Oven Cleaning in Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, Market Harborough, Coalville, Derby, Ashby De La Zouch

Our cleaning process explained

BriteOven Cleaning follows a precise process to ensure each clean gives outstanding results.


How the deep cleaning process works

Oven cleaning is one of those jobs that everyone knows they should do but never seem to get around to. It's an easy chore to pass over – after all, once the door is closed only you know what lurks behind it. However, maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your oven is essential - food can become easily contaminated with unwanted and unseen leftovers from previous meals while a build up of carbon can produce emissions in your home when your oven is in use.

In other words, a dirty oven can be both a health and a fire hazard. BriteOven Cleaning are very happy to offer a solution to this problem.


Purpose designed van-based heating dip tank

Firstly our technician will strip down the appliance by removing all the shelves, interior "self-cleaning" panels and fan guard (behind which an amazing amount of "gunge" normally lurks) These parts then go into a custom-made, van-based heating system where the grease and burnt-on food deposits are "erased".


Non-toxic oven cleaning solution

Our technician returns to the oven where the specially-designed, caustic-free formula is applied to the interior of the oven. Using our cleaning tools and some hard work, all grease and burnt-on carbon is completely removed and the interior of the oven is then completely de-greased and polished along with the bits that you can't normally get to (eg, around the fan, between the door glass etc.). The remaining parts of the system are then rinsed off and the oven is re-assembled.

Gleaming "like-new" finish

Using the special de-greasing solution, the exterior of the oven and hob is cleaned, polished and left shining. Now your once filthy but vital appliance is gleaming and really does "look like new" inside and out.

The same kind of care and attention can also be given to your hob, extractor-hood, range, Aga or microwave.

No caustic or corrosive chemicals

No caustic chemicals are used at all. We value our own health just as importantly as yours and as we use the products all day every day, we feel it is important that there are no harmful or toxic fumes.